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Nonstick Air Fryer Pan

Nonstick Air Fryer Pan

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Make Life Easy 

This easy to use baking dish means you never have to clean you're air fryer again. Sick of cleaning out you're air fryer? Well this baking pan is the solution to all of your troubles. Keep your food juicy with this tray.

food Safety Matters: This baking tray is made 100% BPA free to insure the best quality for your food.

Super Easy To Store: With this extremely flexible silicone mold it not only makes using it a breeze but also storing it. Making life easier this tray can either be stored away in the pantry or simply just left in the fryer.

Never Clean You're Air Fryer Again: Having this baking tray means you will never have to clean you're air fryer again saving you so much time. This make's life so much easier not having to worry about cleaning that annoying grease off you're air fryer.

Far Safer Alternative: Ever touched the side of an air fryer after cooking? It hurt's... By making the baking tray silicone it make's you're food so much safer to get out and use.

Zero Waste: Unlike the paper alternative that just falls apart this tray is zero waste and can be used for years without fail. 



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